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2 year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Crazy Face
She loves her some Auntie Laura
Hoppy Easter :) Had fun with Papa, Grandmommie, Aunt Lindsay and Aunt Tonya.

What a fun week...Easter and Anniversaries!

Happy Anniversary to my awesome husband. I don't think he reads this but just in was a great day and I had fun with you and love how special you make our time together.

What a great and crazy 2 years we have had. We now have our lil girl to celebrate with us, even though we ditched her for a date night. :) She got to hang out with her Aunt Laura who is in town for the week and I am pretty sure they had fun. Laura got some funny pictures while they played.

Easter was fun with the families. Berkley is a lil young so we mainly just took some pictures of her dressed up, no baskets this year.

Also....dun dun dun. I started working out again. My pants will thank me I hope. I started CrossFit. I was inspired by two of my fav girls Ginny and Nicole. I don't plan on being CrossFit crazy like Ginny and competing, or getting certifited to instruct like Nicole, but a MWF workout I welcome with open arms. Let's pray I can eat better to so that the workouts actually can show through! I went to my first elements class today where you learn what to do in the classes. Boy am I sore. That is super sad considering it wasn't a real workout. I just practiced. I mean come on. On the other hand I can tell how much I needed it and I am super excited for Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Love and Blessings,


  1. I am so insanely excited you are starting CrossFit. Kody is too! You really will love it. My advice to you is to make sure you give it some time. It will all be completely new to you, but after a month you will be able to tell a HUGE difference. You are going to be a rock star. I did my certification in Dallas with a guy at 405. His name is Chris. He is super nice!

  2. I will have to find him and say hi. hehe. I have only met a couple people so far...the guys who run/own it Clayton and Hans and then a guy named Bart (weird, huh?). I did my first elements class and I am SORE!

  3. Happy belated anniversary! I'm glad you guys got a night out and what a cute little treat you had waiting at home :-)
    Good for you and crossfit. Can't wait to hear more about it - it sounds hard!
    Megan B