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Bryn came early...

People have been asking exactly how Bryn's arrival came about, so I thought I;d give a quick lil blog about how that all happened. I am keeping up in general via FB. Well Thursday, the 23rd was my birthday. That morning I had a scheduled NST (non stress test) at our Perinatal specialists (Dr. Mirable) office. The tests were happening twice a week, they basically have you do them for any high risk situation. There are prob a ton of you out there who have had them. Within a couple minutes of being on the monitor Bryn's heart rate dropped down a couple times and the nurse didn't like what she was seeing. So they got a hold of my OBGYN, Dr Goff and told him what was going on and it was decided that she was in distress and would need to come out, but wouldnt make it thru a regular delivery and a c-section was needed. It was a tad overwhelming because you go in expecting about an hour appt, then to go on about your day. I was going to head home and shower and meet Bart for a bday lunch...but plans changed! I was sent to OU to get on their monitors, as thats where I was delivering. It was best for us to be down at Childrens so Bryn could have the care she needed. Dr Goff met us down there and within a few mintues Bryn had another bad heart rate drop and they took me quickly back for surgery. Bart barely got in the room to sit down with me and Dr Goff had Bryn out and crying. So, she was doing good, good color and crying! Bart and the neonatal team went with Bryn to get her settled into the NICU and I finished getting closed up. It was fast and furious but went great. SO...that's how Bryn came 5 weeks before her due date, and 2 weeks before her induction date! Overall she has remained stable and the past two days she has been resting very comfortably. It is nice to have her here, but hard to not have her with us. Please pray specifically that she continues to breathe on her own, remains stable so they can operate sooner than later. They are predicting Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you all. love and blessings, brooke, bart, berkley and bryn

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