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Blessed wife of an amazing husband and mother to Berkley, Bryn and Blake! God is good.


Swimming...swimming, just keep swimming!

Daddy and Berkley swimmin!
Dads and Daughters
Loves standing up and loves her hat! Ok I love her hat. (14wks)
Snooze on the boat.
Allie snoozin on the boat. She was a sweet baby all weekend. Keep hopin she rubs off on mine. :)

Addie loved splashin around on the raft.

First lake trip of the season! Loved being up at the lake for Memorial Day Weekend. Babies kept us on our toes but we still had a great time. Next time might be sans kids but either way who can resist that water? It was warm, it's never warm this early in the year. It was fab!

15 weeks!

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