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Berkley is 4 weeks old!

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hangin with friends...
4 weeks
naptime with dad
2 weeks

Well time is flyin by and boy are we worn out! We love it but holy cow it's been 4 weeks and I am not sure where the days have gone. She is doing great, started the normal baby fussy times at night, which are always fun. ha. SHe is a big eater, gained 22ounces in less than 2 weeks. She might have been overeating a little bit. We have had to limit her a tad so she doesn't spit it all back up! Those were a messy few days figuring that out. She is more awake and alert every day and we are pretty sure she thinks we are funny and laughs/smiles at us. We realize that she really doesn't, but she is ours so we can think what we want.


  1. I love her! Happy month of being a mommy!

  2. Ugh. I am so sad that I've already missed a month of her life!! As soon as I'm allowed to travel again I want to meet her!